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Speedy Smiles + Invisalign in SW Calgary

When your teeth are crooked, you may not want to smile for pictures or may sometimes feel shy about talking to people. Adults and teens alike have their self-confidence affected by how their smile looks. ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic offers you a speedy solution to get the look of your dreams!

A Quick, Affordable Option

Girl with high-speed braces in SW Calgary Speedy Smiles treatment can correct crooked teeth and are especially effective in aligning your smile teeth, which are the 6-8 teeth people see when you smile. Whether you have problems with crowding, spacing or have twisted teeth, Speedy Smiles can benefit you.

This conservative solution gives you an alternative to using veneers, crowns or other options to improve the look of your smile. Speedy Smiles braces are highly effective and more affordable than other options.

To get you started, we’ll evaluate your oral health and determine which method of alignment will be best for you. We may recommend a combination of different services, such as Invisalign® and Speedy Smiles treatment, when appropriate.

How Much Time Does It Take?

The amount of time it takes to align your teeth depends on your unique situation. We’ve seen patients who needed Speedy Smiles braces for just three months and others who need them for 18 months. After you complete your treatment, you’ll have a retainer to wear.

Dental insurance may cover your Speedy Smiles braces, depending on your particular plan.

If you’d like to smile with confidence, contact us today to find out how Speedy Smiles treatment can enhance your appearance!

Speedy Smiles + Invisalign in SW Calgary | (403) 271-9100