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ConfiDental Community Events

Here at ConfiDental we take a fun, educational and positive approach to oral and whole-body health. We value the warm relationships we’ve built with our patients and the communities of Calgary and Airdrie. Our team is committed to playing a meaningful role in the lives of our patients and in the vitality of Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding communities.


April Events

Take Our Biggest Bubble Challenge

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Help us spread awareness of this devastating disease by taking our “Biggest Bubble Challenge”! Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Chew some bubble gum (preferably sugar-free).
  2. Take a selfie of your biggest bubble next to a ruler to measure its size (if you can).
  3. Email your selfie to Please include your name and your permission to post the pic on our website and social media sites.

For every picture we receive, we will donate $2 to Oral Cancer Awareness & Treatment. The biggest bubble will get bragging rights and a sugar-free candy/gum goodie bag!

Free Oral Cancer Screenings

We will be holding free oral cancer screenings all throughout the month of April. You don’t need to be a patient… you don’t even need to have teeth! Contact us to schedule your screening.

Free Sports Mouthguard Consultation

under-armour-logoApril is also Facial Protection Awareness Month. Contact us and set up a consultation to discuss the benefits of using a sports mouthguard. Or have the athletes of your family come in with their current sports mouthguard to have it checked for fit and wear. We want to keep you and your family safe!

Ask about our special offer: 30% Off Custom-fitted Sports Mouthguards & Under Armour Performance Oral Appliances.


Other Upcoming Events

In addition to our events above you can expect a variety of other upcoming events at our Calgary and Airdrie ConfiDental clinics, such as:

  • Patient appreciation days with refreshments and fun activities
  • Educational programs and socials with visual aids and first-hand information on a range of health + dental topics, including:
    • Can Your DNA Affect Your Health? (Short answer: Yes… learn how to bio-hack your body)
    • Stopping Snoring (Don’t worry, this won’t put you to sleep)
    • Pregnant Moms & Healthy Babies
    • New Teeth, New Smile (Implants explained)
    • Botox – Cosmetic? Therapeutic? (What it can do for you)
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Special community events, such as local artist/musician gala nights
  • Promotional offers available only at these events

If you have questions about our events, feel free to give us a call at (587) 600-6051 in Airdrie or (403) 271-9100 in Calgary.

Bookmark this page and check back often for our most recent event information.

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